Thursday, May 19, 2011

tablecloth to wrap skirt with pockets!

This pink fabric was from a tablecloth I found in my thrifting adventures. It was in nearly pristine condition, and since I love hot pink, I snatched it up! The red fabric is left from some wedding purses I made for my cousin a few years ago. It was reversible, so I decided to use each side for one pocket. Now when I put on my skirt, I figure out where the pockets will go on the front and wrap accordingly. Works great with leggings or a jersey skirt underneath for warmth! 


farmgirlstudio said...

I forgot to tell you how much I loved the skirt when I saw it yesterday. Do you have a pattern that you follow for this? It is super cute and you look great in HOT PINK! Happy Friday!

victoria said...

There's not really a pattern, I just use another skirt that I got from Yana. A pattern could be made though!