Saturday, August 8, 2009

a clean new bib - it's brown!

I could have a whole basket of these in the kitchen...

This bib has turned out to be our favorite. It's brown, so stains don't show. It's made from a towel, so it's soft and absorbent. It ties in the back so it's not too easy to get off. It doubles as a wipe after the meal.

It was my friend's idea. One day Elara came over to sew, and while the little guys were taking a bath, we took turns on this project. A towel went into the wash. A bib was measured for size and length of the ties. Then Elara traced around to make a nice shape on a piece of kraft paper, and cut a bunch of them out of a towel. I used my serger to finish the edges and pulled in the threads with a large needle.

There was enough towel left to get 5-6 little square wipes, maybe 6-8", all different sizes.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

raspberry river walk

Summer brings such wonderful gifts, like these juicy snacks, right there on the riverbank as we walk along. Fyn wasn't too sure about the first one, a few days ago, but today, he ate every single one I could pick. After those two handfuls, he still wanted more. We looked and looked, but there were no more to be found.

Usually there are more, but gypsy moth caterpillars ate a lot of the plants this spring. Speaking of caterpillars, we saw this cute little guy today. Luckily, he did not seem the least bit interested in our sweet treasure.