Saturday, October 31, 2009

dragon halloween costume made of felted wool sweaters

Happy Halloween!

Last year, a friend helped me out at the last minute and I made Fyn a bat costume, converting a furry one-piece brown outfit. So it's been a year, and I remember so clearly how I felt unprepared for the halloween festivities.

This year, I was inspired. A stack of felted wool sweaters looked like the perfect material. There's also a pile of fleece vests, which are waiting to be made into sweater vests or jackets. So it made sense to use a vest. It's easy to take off and put on as we get in and out of the car, changing diapers, going to the bathroom, eating, etc... The wings are from another etsy artist and the spats are inspired by a friend's blueberry costume.

Is promoting a holiday that's all about candy is a good idea? How can we emphasize the festival atmosphere without it? A friend suggested "the candy fairy" who collects the candy in exchange for a little gift. That leave me wondering, what's the point? Why spend money on candy, go to strangers houses asking them for candy, and then eat this stuff which really isn't very good for our bodies? or throw it away?

Maybe I spend too much time thinking about these things, but it's one of those things that has changed now that I'm a parent!

Now, off to party!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

collecting sticks for kindling

We're getting ready for winter! The leaves are all golden on the trees, and it's hard to get dry sticks because it's so rainy, but Fyn's a great helper. It's cool how the earth provides for us.

It reminds me of a song that I used to sing as a kid. A friend recently reminded me of it, and I find myself singing it more often now.

It only takes a spark
to get a fire going
and soon all those around
can warm up to it's glowing
that's how it is with God's love
once you've experienced it
you want to sing
it's fresh like spring
You want to pass it on.

Pass the love, please!

svelte handbag update

Here are the reasons my blog hasn't been updated lately... A patchwork diaper bag with changing pad and clutch for my friend Jennifer, who is an interior designer and her little guy, Mac.

It has two big zippered pockets and three more pockets on the other side, along with a hook for keys or a pacifier.

And this gorgeous tote bag, which is going to be a carry-on bag for my friend Michelle. She chose the fabrics, and gave me a kick in the pants, and here it is! It has a zipper at the top and a wide strap that goes over her shoulder or across her body.

I'm working on another one right now that is destined for Chicago... It's called a "city bag".

Thursday, October 22, 2009

nature walk

October is here, and the leaves are changing color and falling to the ground. Our world is a gorgeous, glowing, golden eden. After a great weekend at the Bioneers Conference in Traverse City where we learned about nature journaling, we were anxious to get outside today!

Max came along and helped us find some cool lichen on the fallen trees. Rain drizzled a little, but neither he or Fyn seemed to notice. It's a beautiful day.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

handknit legwarmers

We are loving these handknit legwarmers by Melissa at Inish Knits. Fyn loved trying them on and is looking forward to his own pair!

sunshine harvest

Our garden was slow this year, due to the cool weather and light sun. Deer ate most of the tomatoes, and we did get one cucumber. Up for next year, soil amendment.

Found a little shirt dyed orange, and decided it was just what Fyn needed, with a little sunshine added, in yellow twill and orange cross-dyed linen.

earthwork harvest gathering 2009

It was a fun weekend with all our friends, who have become a sweet little traveling community for us. Since the air was cool, I made vests for our friends, like Fyn's acorn vest. It's a fleece vest with sweaters sewn onto it. Sweater sleeves made good armwarmers too.

LinkFyn wore his favorite turtle pants too.

One of our favorite songs by May Erlewine continues to inspire us.
You've got to shine on...