Wednesday, February 25, 2009

snow day!

Fyn has grown an inch since his birthday, so we pulled out the next size jacket. It was torn, so I camouflaged it with an arctic hare. Seems appropriate, and hopefully it will inspire you to make some animal sweater patches. Boy clothes need some creative revamping almost all the time!

The fabulous scarf was knitted by a friend, Elara, as a birthday gift. You can her work on She made me a sweet enamel/silver necklace with leaves on it!

Hopefully, there will be another snow day this week and we can go sledding!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

the birthday boy

Happy Birthday, Fyn! One year has passed and so much has changed. Thank you to all our friends and family for being part of our lives.

Fyn's sporting his very own version of the rockabilly cowboy shirt, complete with pearl snaps and faux wood grain fabric, made by his momma. I hope he thinks it's cool someday.

revamping the sofa cover

It started out innocently, clad in a tight-fitting canvas cover made from painter's dropcloths. But with a party on the calendar, and an idea from a friend, some recycled office furniture scraps and old wool sweaters merged to make our sofa new again!

special thanks to Kris at resweater for the groovy wool sweaters! I miss seeing her on etsy, but you can find her on artfire now.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

more recycled birthday decorations

Silk flags on grosgrain ribbon, made from old fabric swatches that were rescued by a friend before they were tossed! They are already serged on the edges, but the ones that aren't are just cut for now (it was a day before the party project), folded on top and stitched on with a straight stitch.
Before stitching, I measured with the ribbon to see how long to make the strand of flags. We like them so much, they are staying up for a while.

scalloped corn recipe

Mostly, this is for everyone who has eaten this corn casserole and loved it. It shows up every year at Thanksgiving, and it's also good with chili. My sister even made it for our wedding celebration!
Please adapt as you would like, but if you need more than one pan, make two!

Scalloped Corn
1/2 stick butter - melt in glass 8x8 pan
1 small package Jiffy cornbread mix
1 egg
1 can corn - drain about half of the liquid
1 can cream corn
8 oz sour cream
Mix and bake 45-60 min at 325 degrees until golden brown.
It might even take longer than that...
Works well if you make it ahead, keep in fridge, and put in oven as it's preheating to warm it up.

birthday details

This idea was introduced to me by one of the "wise waldorf women" in our county. Gnomes are made from felted sweater pieces and stuffed with wool roving. The pattern is basically a triangle, with a half circle cut out of each side. Then you stitch them up the front, with an "X" stitch. If you leave a little room at the bottom, you can use it for a finger puppet too! Put it on your finger and sing this little song!

I met a dusty little gnome,
he said we should clean our room,
round, round, round,
whisk, whisk, whisk,
clean our room.