Monday, October 24, 2011

Be the change! Sewing bags for local food pantry at sewing studio.

These gorgeous women came to the sewing studio to change the world. They set to work cutting out the shapes, matching fabrics and sewing them together. There was much conversation and laughter, some regarding technique and some just regarding life. What a wonderful couple of hours spent in the studio.

Come join us at the sewing studio at Grow Benzie sometime soon! Now there are four new sewing machines, with special thanks due to Marcy Grudzien at Mecca for her fundraising veggies!

We will be sewing again this Wednesday night, October 26, 7-9pm, $5 donation. Let us know if you plan to come join us.

Friday, October 14, 2011

{this moment} project 231

One extraordinary moment from this week that I want to savor and remember.
What inspired you this week? Share your link in the comments.
Inspired by Amanda Blake Soule at soulemama.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

sweet memories of our equinox celebration

This year we started what I hope will become a family tradition. We all went out into the woods and collected sticks for kindling and built up a little stash for the winter. Then we had our first fire in the wood stove. Ahh, warm toes!

The red mushroom cap was inspired by Children of the Forest by Elsa Beskow and made of recycled cashmere. His jacket was a great ebay find and I bought it a couple of sizes too big, which has worked out great for a couple of seasons now! And the mittens are his favorites, a gift from a thoughtful friend.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

More than a diaper bag, a system for mom and baby stuff!

A few posts back, you saw Krista with her fab new diaper bag. Here are all the details you might not have seen. I'm working on another one for a friend out in Baltimore, and thought that some of you might be interested in something custom, either for yourselves or for a friend. Wrapped in a reusable fabric gift bag and tied up with ribbon, there's no need for tissue paper. This particular design concept has been through intense R&D, so I know the system works!

Something red and modern were the starting points for the design.

And loads of pockets for all those little tiny things. I remember my diaper bag pockets were filled with tissues, prefold diapers and an extra cover, a spray bottle with water and a few drops of tea tree oil and some nice organic cloths for wiping hands, face, toys or any surface that needed disinfecting, some toys and tiny books including a small photo book of "people who love you", eventually crayons were added to the toy pocket, fingernail clippers, nose squeegee, black walnut salve (best for diaper rash!), calendula salve (for all things skin related), snacks for baby and for me, pacifier that he rarely used, a spare outfit, nursing pads and probably a few more things too.

And for mama, a coordinating little clutch, so as not to lose her identity and also to make it easy to go out without baby.

There is a funny story about the zippered pocket which involves a curious child, the post office and a tampon. There was not a zipper on the first version of this purse but as you can see, there is now...

A pocket on the outside is great for phone, receipts, lists, coupons, etc... in my favorite Heather Ross mermaid fabric.

A little recycled scrap detail along with a very cool vintage button adorn the front of the clutch. Photos can also be added to make it more personal.

My camera lived in the outside pocket of the bag, as all my friends can attest. I've captured so many wonderful everyday moments in our little guy's life with his buddies and that makes me so happy. It's my photojournal, since I don't seem to find much time for writing.

As always, a key hook is great not only for keys, but also for the pacifier or anything else you need to find quickly, as long as you remember to put them on there in the first place...

And that my friends, is the way that I survived the first three years of my son's wonderful life! Krista will be filling her bag soon, as we anxiously await the arrival of "baby a + baby b" I hope you will be inspired.