Monday, September 28, 2009

life change realization and blog delays...

An artist meets a teacher, who is really a writer, finds love and a cozy retreat in the woods.
She flourishes in the relationship, in her new community and in nature. They are so lucky to welcome a baby boy into their family, a miracle really.

All the parents we reviewed as we prepared told us that "It changes everything". We could never have imagined what that really meant. Being in love every day is amazing. It often means that daily things get neglected for the sake of being in each moment. It's like when the guy who is juggling stacks of plates on sticks and playing a harmonica, while riding his bike on a tightrope finishes up his act. Then he goes home to take a nap. Later, there will be time to do it again.

It also changed the stage on which I'm performing this miraculous feat, and now it's a 24 hour show. There's no commute to work, co-workers, desk where I can impose my full control without threat of overstepping boundaries, name that I hear regularly, great outfit to wear or any of that. Or even when not working in the office, there were the uninterrupted blocks of time for tackling projects and making them happen. Funny thing is, now I'm changing too, and striving to do my best each day. One thing I think that will help is to tell myself every day that I have done well, and find the things that were the best and put those things into my mental scrapbook.

And now, back to the studio!