Saturday, October 31, 2009

dragon halloween costume made of felted wool sweaters

Happy Halloween!

Last year, a friend helped me out at the last minute and I made Fyn a bat costume, converting a furry one-piece brown outfit. So it's been a year, and I remember so clearly how I felt unprepared for the halloween festivities.

This year, I was inspired. A stack of felted wool sweaters looked like the perfect material. There's also a pile of fleece vests, which are waiting to be made into sweater vests or jackets. So it made sense to use a vest. It's easy to take off and put on as we get in and out of the car, changing diapers, going to the bathroom, eating, etc... The wings are from another etsy artist and the spats are inspired by a friend's blueberry costume.

Is promoting a holiday that's all about candy is a good idea? How can we emphasize the festival atmosphere without it? A friend suggested "the candy fairy" who collects the candy in exchange for a little gift. That leave me wondering, what's the point? Why spend money on candy, go to strangers houses asking them for candy, and then eat this stuff which really isn't very good for our bodies? or throw it away?

Maybe I spend too much time thinking about these things, but it's one of those things that has changed now that I'm a parent!

Now, off to party!


Brooke said...

I feel your candy dilemma pain! My two seem to love it, as every kid and most grown ups do too! I think we will probably limit the intake by only going to a block's worth of houses, and then freeze a majority of it for a later date... maybe. ADORABLE costume by the way... wish I was that creative!

Resweater said...

I love, love , love fyn's costume!!! Happy Halloween!

Suzanne Gipson said...

WOw! Great job on the costume! It is adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love this costume! What a great idea!