Saturday, August 8, 2009

a clean new bib - it's brown!

I could have a whole basket of these in the kitchen...

This bib has turned out to be our favorite. It's brown, so stains don't show. It's made from a towel, so it's soft and absorbent. It ties in the back so it's not too easy to get off. It doubles as a wipe after the meal.

It was my friend's idea. One day Elara came over to sew, and while the little guys were taking a bath, we took turns on this project. A towel went into the wash. A bib was measured for size and length of the ties. Then Elara traced around to make a nice shape on a piece of kraft paper, and cut a bunch of them out of a towel. I used my serger to finish the edges and pulled in the threads with a large needle.

There was enough towel left to get 5-6 little square wipes, maybe 6-8", all different sizes.

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Spacklejobber said...

Love your stuff! I found your blog beacause a cousin of mine told me she only buys your purses. :)