Monday, May 9, 2011

recycled+revamped boy clothes

Found this while going through some photos and wanted to share some more ideas for revamping boy clothes. The pants are the same concept as the patch pants tutorial, but instead of patches, I just used a strip of vintage fabric on the sides - tuxedo style.  For the sweatshirt, I lined the hood with a nice striped fabric. All you do is trace the hood, using it as a pattern to make two identical pieces on your fabric. Sew them together and sew them to the hood, folding the edge over a bit so the raw ends are tucked in. To cover the words on the sweatshirt, use a wide strip of fabric, again folding the edges, and stitching. The buffalo was cut out of a recycled wool sweater.

Hope you are inspired to revamp some hand-me-downs now!

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Baby By The Sea said...

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