Tuesday, May 3, 2011

formal dress revamp with tank top and ruffle detail, Tickled Pink for From Women's Hands

My sister just gave me a black strapless dress that she had worn as a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding, and it was hanging in my closet while I decided what to do with it. And then I had the invitation for the opening reception of the art show/fundraiser for breast cancer research. Think Pink was the theme, so I determined that a pink tank top was what I needed. A trip to the thrift shop resulted in these great finds. The pink one had a hole so they gave it to me FREE! I love the stripes and originally thought I would use it for a shirt for little f, but it seemed perfect for this project.

I cut off the black dress just below the zipper and kept the lining matched up with the skirt. After trying on the tank top, I decided where I wanted that seam, and just below the spot I wanted to give myself some seam allowance. It was right above the hole! Must have been meant to be.

Then it needed a little something else. I had a mesh pink shirt in the scrap box, so I just placed it on the tank, scrunched a bit and then stitched, adding new pieces as needed. One was wider than the other, so I worked it out to my advantage. A little flourish of color from the scrap box again and on to the belt. I cut four 3" wide strips from the striped shirt and sewed them together for a wraparound or obi style belt. With the stripes already around the waist, it looked good with the added cinch and width that the belt added.

And the shirt had a printed label, so I put a piece of fabric on the front and back and stitched it up. It needed a tag, but mine are designed for purses, so I broke out the free motion foot and did my best with some grey thread, so it would stand out, but just a little. Not bad for a beginning project in the free motion department! I was so pleased! Best of all, it was super comfortable!

I love it when things turn out just as you intended! And that you can wear them the very next night!


Deb said...

Fabulous!! You did a great job on this refashion. I totally missed the event. Bummer.

Áurea López said...