Tuesday, May 31, 2011

batik shirt into revamped shorts

This used to be a shirt. I took the pockets off and added them to the sides, after cutting the pattern on the fold. Normally, you might cut four pieces out of the fabric, but cutting on the fold saves sewing one seam and gives you a place to put your pockets. The waistband is elastic. You can't see it, but I did make button tabs on the back to adjust for sizing. Perhaps that would make a good tutorial? What other clothes would you like to learn to sew?

Hope you had a great holiday weekend! We enjoyed the fine Michigan sunshine at the beach in Empire. There's a sweet little lake there, perfect for a birthday celebration!


farmgirlstudio said...

These shorts are super cute! You should do a turtorial or maybe a workshop via online so I can still keep in touch!

colleen said...

love these shorts!

colleen said...

i love these shorts!