Sunday, November 29, 2009

visiting the farm

We went to Ware Farm to pick up our csa share over the weekend. It was fun to walk around with Bernie and Sandee, learning all kinds of new things. There's a big ditch leading to the place where the new greenhouse will be located. Fyn had a great time playing in the dirt.

Maggie and Bonny, the Scottish Highland cows, love to eat the leftovers from the garden, including chard and brussel sprout stems.

Sandee showed us all kinds of cool moss, a nice big tree and her whole field of mullein! I learned that the flowers and leaves can be made into tea for respiratory issues.

Bernie chopped up some fresh cold season shitake mushrooms for a stir-fry dinner, which Sandee cooked up for us. Super deluxe!

Here's the take for this week's share! We are so thankful for our farmer friends! There were even eggs and goat cheese to try, thanks to Julie and Erik, who work on the farm. Feasts are in order for the next two weeks!

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