Saturday, November 28, 2009

One of my favorite revamps this year!

Here's a simple maternity/nursing dress or nightie revamp! I found this in a folder to post and am just now getting to it. Maybe you can relate?

This dress was inspired by a great book I found at the library called Born Again Vintage. I made several of these for my friend who was pregnant out of her old knit tank tops, cotton skirts and dresses.

First you cut the shirt just below the bust, and cut the skirt or dress to the length you want by holding it up to your body. Then you serge it to the skirt. Remember to add about a half inch for seam allowance! To keep it even all around, you pin or clip (small binder clips are my favorite, and I keep them on a magnetic pin cushion) the skirt to the shirt in four places, front, back and sides. Then you stretch a little while you are stitching so both fabrics are the same length. For the pocket, sew two pieces of fabric together (or fold one in half), leaving open a few inches to turn. Once you have it right side out, press and stitch where you want it on the skirt, reinforcing at the corners by stitching a triangle.

For myself, I recycled my old T-shirts into snazzy new nighties that work for nursing! Halters and old nursing tops work best. My favorite is the Motherhood V-neck tank. In fact, I'm ready to make some more because they are so comfortable!

Jen's little girl, Winter Rose, was born the day after Halloween, and she's gorgeous! We are working on a new joint venture in baby headwear, so I thought I'd give you a little preview...

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