Tuesday, April 13, 2010

rooting down in the spring

Inspired by healinghilary, I have been putting bare feet to earth and breathing regularly, becoming aware of both the earth and my breath.

After reading The Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker, it has become clear to me that the biggest challenge as a mother is to become aware of self. Perhaps this is why it is so challenging. The book offers some exercises for inner work that I'd like to share here. The meditation "Wisdom is only in Truth" is offered as a starting point. It has brought me to many interesting thoughts, asking other questions in turn, "what is truth?" and "what is wisdom?". You can meditate on this anytime, in turn with this exercise in concentration:

Concentrate for five minutes on an uninteresting object while meditating on "Essential or non-essential".

Will you join me on this journey?

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healing hillary said...

I love it. Great photo...the first step is becoming aware!