Monday, April 26, 2010

recycled chenille from bubbachenille

Just look at these cute beachy pants! They are probably cozy too. I found them on etsy, along with a few other goodies made from recycled chenille bedspreads.

Here's the perfect replacement for the hot water bottle. We use a "hot pillow" quite often to warm up cold fingers after playing outdoors, or warming up the bed when it's cold. Here's our little song:
hot potato, hot potato, hot potato, HOT! Someday I think this will evolve into a game... hmm, maybe it will be tomorrow!

For those crafty mamas who like to make their own, little bits of recycled chenille, all ready for crafting! You can get just want you want when you make it yourself, and nobody else will have one like it. Perhaps that should be my tagline, what do you think?


bubbachenille said...

Wow Victoria ! Thanks so much for showing off some of my vintage chenille items on your blog, such a nice thing to do! I will share this on my facebook page..

angelina said...

i think, yes brilliant. !