Wednesday, April 14, 2010

growing pants - making pants to fit a growing boy

What have I been doing lately? Trying to keep my little guy in pants that fit. Without diapers, his pants are falling off his slim hips. And his pants that do fit are floods, so I've been sewing fabric onto the bottoms.

This pair of jeans was way too big in the waist, so I cut it off just below the belt loops. The turtle fabric is a wide strip sewed into a circle, twice as tall as I wanted it to end up and the same size as the waist of jeans, with a little extra for seam allowance. After sewing a loop of elastic that fit his waist, I put it inside the circle of turtle fabric and folded it in half. Using my serger, I finished the edges of the jeans and the turtle waistband. Then I sewed them together!

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Wabi Sabi Wanderings said...

Oooh, good idea! With some tiny-waisted kids as well, this could come in handy. I'd never thought of adding to the *tops* of the pants. And it helps with potty learning, as they are easy to pull up and down (no pesky belt). Clever.