Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy earth day!

What an incredible place we live!

I keep reading about "one small change" and while I keep making them, here's one more that I can do without much thought. is a search engine that uses google results, and donates to Sierra Club and National Resource Defense Council.

Here are some of the other changes we have been slowly making over the past five years:

- carrying several envirosax in my purse so I can use them instead of a plastic or paper bag

- using handkerchiefs for allergic runny noses

- using more washcloths and less toilet paper in the bathroom

- eating locally from our csa, farmer's market and neighbors selling eggs, honey and maple syrup

- staying home at least one day a week

- packing lunches with reusable snack sacks, sandwich wraps and bamboo utensils

- storing all kitchen pantry items in glass canning jars rather than plastic

- making granola weekly instead of buying it

- replacing candles with locally handmade beeswax candles (this is a process! we use them a lot!)

- keeping lights off in the house in evenings and lighting candles instead

- choosing products that don't come in an aerosol can

- using arnica and calendula salves instead of neosporin

- harvesting herbs for tea, nettles for antihistamine, mint and raspberry leaf for everyday infusion

- finger wraps instead of band-aids (healinghilary)

- wearing wool and cashmere which require less washing and are natural fibers

- using handmade bar soap by the sink and in the shower

- using cloth napkins daily

- buying in bulk from our local co-op to reduce cost and packaging

- drinking from refillable water bottles

- changing light bulbs to cfl's

- minimal leg shaving to save blades and water

- adding water to the tub for myself after little f's bath

- watching less movies and reading more books

- using cloth diapers and wipes

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polkadot monkey said...

Victoria, I learn so much from your
blog about living in the moment of
each day and seeing things, really
SEEING things. It is the small things in life that are the most
important, the everyday things that
are so easily overlooked in our hurried pace. You will get back to doing your bags oneday in good time.