Thursday, February 24, 2011

revamped mushroom stools

Walking around in papa's slippers, looking at a book with a nice wooly sweater made with love by Aunt Jon. This is a little slice of our lives. It's toasty warm by the fire, which is just to the right of the photo.

The mushroom stools were a gift from "unty", t's brother, scored at a garage sale. He loves the thrill of the find like I do, and while these were two different colors of vinyl at one time, they have been revamped!

After cutting a circle of chocolate brown wool larger than the seat of the stool, allowing extra for the sides of the seat and enough to wrap around to the underside, I cut out some smaller pieces from a creamy white felted wool sweater, set them on the wool on the stool and pinned into place. I stitched those on and then went to find the staple gun.

First, I layed the wool down on the floor, dots down and put the stool seat on top. With my staple gun, I secured the south side of the wool (closest to me) to the underside of the seat. Stretching a little to make it taut, I moved to the north side, and then east and west sides. And then I was able to secure all the places inbetween, pulling a bit to keep the top smooth as I stapled.

Did I mention how much I love staple guns?

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PeaceMama said...

love these! hope to find/make some in red and white!!