Wednesday, February 23, 2011

custom purse for martha

Here's how it started...

Martha gave me the dimensions she wanted for her purse. Then I went into the studio to find some fabrics to fit her request for something to go with black, maybe with a touch of dark red, to go with everything. I came up with a curtain from my friend's cottage in New Hampshire, a pair of jeans, some striped corduroy from some of my pants and brown and black recycled office furniture fabric.

I sewed together a strip of scraps to make the other side of the purse more interesting. Plus I like it that she could switch her purse around and it looks totally different from the pocket side.

Inside there are pockets on both sides, three small ones and one large zippered pocket, as well as a key hook. Oh, how I love pockets in my purse!

Here's one side, with a zippered pocket in front. It's the perfect place for your phone, list or receipts.

Here's the whole set. I added a couple of zippered pouches, b/c they make great little mobile pockets. You can take them out and put them in as you need them. She also mentioned that she doesn't really switch purses much, so this leaves the option of using the little star clutch and leaving the big bag in the car.

The star motif was inspired by a Native American story about a girl named Kotemanyo, who carries a large bag for her grandmother for several days. Finally, she becomes so curious that she peeks inside late one night, and the stars come flying out! There is much more to the story and I promise to tell you the whole thing soon.

This little pouch was so fun to make that I made a tutorial on it!

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