Saturday, February 19, 2011

recycled photo card, valentine and birthday thank you

While my original idea for this project was much different that this, it turned out fine. I had some great polka dot envelopes that I found on etsy, but couldn't find them in my studio... Maybe it's time to do some reorganizing, huh?

The photos are from kodak gallery, wallet size, trimmed with my creative memories photo papercutter. The paper is scrap from another birthday project a year or two ago.

This pic was one of the last that my printer eeked out before it was totally out of ink. It was a bit purplish and light, but I decided it was artsy enough to work. And I needed to get this project done so I could work on another tutorial!

The valentine was the same style we have made since the little f's first valentine day. My friend, Marcy at Mecca had the idea and I've used the same one ever since.  He loves making his handprint now and did some of these all by himself! Now I'll watch for red paint and doilies on sale so I'm ready for next year.

Hope you had a lovely valentine's day!

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