Tuesday, February 22, 2011

kid's cashmere balaclava

While I adore the woolens in Nova Naturals, I found this solution fit my time frame and my budget, as well as my incredible desire for making it my own.  Using my husband's fleece balaclava, I made a pattern on a paper grocery sack, drawing the lines in about 1/2" or so, to make it smaller. Then I cut it out of a brown cashmere sweater, using the bottom of the sweater and part of the side seam up the back. The face hole in front I made pretty small, thinking I could always trim if needed later.

A few minutes later I was off to my serger to stitch it up!

Found this hold and realized I need to do something about it, even though I really like the plain brown cashmere. So I found a groovy scrap and stitched on a little peace sign.

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