Saturday, March 20, 2010

recycled wool goodies for little elves

Sounds like it's going to snow here one last time this weekend, so I'm featuring some nice woolly goodies! Selena makes all kinds of sweet things for little elves, and few for the pixies too.
I love her sense of imagination.

This is brilliant! No more pants falling down. It reminds me a lot of some pants my friend Jen wanted to make. Somehow, it's much simpler when made out of a felted wool sweater.

Again, for my friends with girlies, I checked out the sweet offerings in pink. The tunic is featured, but the ideas for the outfit are so fun I wanted to show you both! This one is a small size for little girls, but wouldn't it be great in cashmere in adult size?

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Resweater said...

I featured her shop on my blog a while back. I LOVE her stuff!