Friday, March 19, 2010

men's shirts recycled into little girl's dresses

Here are more fun ideas for using men's shirts to make dresses! I love the way Jayme uses new, modern fabric to give old shirts a new life! Lillipops has many more sweet little dresses.

And, since I am always looking for little boy clothes for my own little guy, I found these cute shorts on lillipop's etsy site too. She's launching a new line of boys clothing, with matching shorts and tops with very boy appliques - the pirate ship and flag are the first.


Marina said...

Those dresses are just way too cute!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am SO glad to see yours! I LOVE that you use recycled materials and that you have such fun ideas for boy stuff... I'm always looking for ideas to make things for my boys :)

victoria said...

Thank you, Marina! you made my day!