Thursday, March 25, 2010

boy's headband recycled from t-shirts

This is strip of an old t-shirt, about 3" wide and maybe 18-20" long. If your subject is right there, you could try wrapping it around their head first. The ends are cut diagonally so there's enough to tie, but not too much hanging down. I cut out a tree from felted wool sweaters and stitched it on, not quite in the middle, but off to the side a couple of inches. Tie it on, karate kid style. Am I dating myself by saying that?

Anyway, it's a great solution for keeping growing hair out of kid's eyes! Little f like to wear his when I wear a headband. Mine is just a bit wider and longer, but not much, b/c my head is pea-sized (a family trait).

It's great for keeping hair out of my little guy's eyes!

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