Friday, June 12, 2009

Fyn, smiling

He's so funny! He smooched me all over my face tonight, while we were lying in the grass in the front yard. mamalucky! I love summer.

I spend a wonderful day, the second day of summer, working on "Cherry", our 1988 Ford Econoline van. Yesterday, a friend told me that it was called a "carpet van". And it has carpet! Pink carpet! I suppose it's really mauve, but who wants to say that? Pink is so much more fun, like black cherry ice cream...

Tommy and Fyn were relaxing by the river, and I was sewing like crazy and packing a little. It was like making a fort. So now it has curtains all around the front, on the side doors and on the back, all of which are easily removable. There are pockets on the doors for all our stuff, vinyl so we can see what is where. There's much more, but I must stop. I've been told that I'm WAY too much. But it's so fun for me! Mackinac Island lilac festival, here we come!

One blog caught my attention today, while I was taking a break from all the inventing. It's likely that you won't see my house in Better Homes & Gardens, but maybe "Cherry" could make it to Readymade or Dwell. Hmm, I wonder, I wonder.

Caught up with my cousin too...

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