Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fabric Napkin Tutorial

Want to reduce your impact on the earth?

Here's a "green" solution, which you can make using your favorite new, eco-friendly or recycled fabric. You can use any 100% cotton fabric, but if you use the same on front and back to start, it will look neater. It takes 2 yards of fabric for 6 napkins (12 pieces total) or 4 yards of fabric for 12 napkins (24 pieces total).

You will need:
sewing machine
ruler or cutting mat

Preshrink your fabric, by washing it and putting it in the dryer.
(If you have a serger, you might want to serge the edges to prevent fraying before you wash it.)
I've learned from experience that skipping this step will result in bunchy, wrinkly napkins!
Press the edges with a hot iron before cutting, to make sure they are nice and smooth.

Cut 2 squares 14" each for each napkin.

Lay fabrics out with right sides together ***very important!!***

Pin along one edge, placing pins about 4" apart.

Stitch around edge about 1/4" from edge.
I use the side of the presser foot as my guide.
You can also put a piece of masking tape right on your machine.
Pivot at corners and leave open between pins for turning.

To pivot at corners:
Make sure your needle is down by turning the large wheel on the side of the machine.
Lift the presser foot.
Turn your fabric.
Put presser foot down and continue stitching.

Lower your presser foot and continue to stitch along the edge of the fabric approx. 1/4" from edge.

Turn your napkin right side out and press with hot iron.

If you hold the corners and stretch it tight, lay it down and press, the unstitched opening should turn under for you!

Topstitch close to edge, approx. 1/8"

LinkThe completed set of a dozen napkins.

4 yards of fabric (45"wide)
Heather Bailey
Caramel Crescent

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