Sunday, April 3, 2011

revamped cashmere sweater

Here it is, finally! The turquoise cowl neck sweater I made a while back. Photos were promised, and life sped along. But, I gave you my word so I had to show you the finished sweater in action. 

You can find the tutorial at my etsy shop. I used two turtleneck sweaters, but I don't think that the existing sweater neckline is that important, since it gets cut off one sweater and only the body and sleeves of the other one are used. I'm wearing it over another recycled tank top tunic that I made a while back.

And look who else wanted their picture taken? He's wearing his wool longies and cashmere elf hat. They look cozy, don't they? He's been wearing the pants for over a year now. I love wool longies! There's a tutorial for those in my shop too.

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