Friday, April 15, 2011

community sewing studio clothing swap

Welcome to the clothing swap! We had so much fun, imagining what could be made with some of the things that were donated. Thanks to all who came and to those who dropped off donations!

Here are teachers Nadia, Sonja and Amy Daniels Moehle along with Gretchen and Gwen Eichberger, enjoying their swapped goods.

This was a turtleneck dress that we converted into a robe for Sonja. All it took was a scissor and a few minutes of conversation! She will toasty warm now!

 Kari is wishing these were a bit larger...

Checking out some of the gorgeous fabrics that have been donated to the studio. Perhaps this would entice you to come visit us?

When all was done, we donated a few boxes to BACN and sorted the rest into categories for our projects - t-shirts and knit materials, wool sweaters and pants, cotton pants and skirts to make into kid's pants and dresses.

When you get to Grow Benzie, come around to the back and you will see the door here!


julie said...

I so wanted to be there... but we were in Virginia. Glad it went well and I am excited to check out the new space!

The Mom (Amy) said...

The Studio is AMAZING --such vision, we look forward to joining in the fun and creative energy!

The swap was a brilliant idea!