Thursday, December 30, 2010

maker's market holla-day bazaar in traverse city

The last show of the season! There were some groovy things at the show, and I traded a few things for christmas gifts. Before packing up, I shopping in my own booth for christmas gifts for family and friends. Now I'm clearing out embellished onesies and trying to reduce my total inventory before the end of the year! An empty suitcase is good inspiration for more sewing and new stuff!

Also, looking at these photos, I realize that the table with my sign should be right where my chair is sitting, so I've learned something. I know it helps to take booth photos before the show starts and now I just need to keep making it happen, so I can catch these things early and make changes, since every show set-up varies just a little. Thankfully, one of the organizers went out of her way to get me a clothing rack, since I left half of mine at home (about a hour away!). Now that's going above and beyond! Thanks Jenn!

cardinal sweater coat with elfin hood (long and pointy with tassel) still available! 12mo $80

lucky star pink coat with elfin hood 4T $80


Melissa said...

I can only hope to have such a plethora of goods made to sell someday. You are a dedicated artist. :) Happy new year!

Wendy said...

Love those coats--they look warm and cozy!

the WildCards said...

LOVE that cardinal sweater coat--so cute and clever!