Tuesday, January 18, 2011

technical difficulties...

Almost four years have passed since I bought my used Apple G3 tower on ebay. My dad consulted on the model, my brother-in-law helped with the bidding and my sister drove me out to pick it up in GR.  It's getting to be time for something new, wouldn't you say? When you can't use Google docs or post pics to blogger b/c your browser is too old, and your system won't support a new one, it's time for an upgrade.

For a while, we had a nice toshiba laptop. Recently, the hard drive crashed. In a conversation with my dad about the photos I had on it:
Dad:     I think the hard drive is toast.
me:     Does that mean my photos are gone too?
Dad:     What about that external hard drive I gave you?
me:     Um, was I supposed to do that every time I downloaded my camera? b/c that's a lot, every couple of            days.
Silence on the other end of the line tells me I have made a preventable mistake. Again.

And now my blogging will have to wait until I get some way to upload my photos to share with you, unless I come up with some witty stories or sewing anecdotes. The pictures make it happen though...

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Zane said...

I hope your cozy in the snow, Victoria! I'll look forward to your posts again when you get up and running, but until then, enjoy your hiatus from the online world!