Tuesday, October 12, 2010

testing, testing...

here's a swatch from a project.... I'll show you how it looked in the restaurant next week! It was one of the images on the new computer I'm using to see if I can blog with photos again!
There's not too much recycled about this project, just local and creative. Which brings me to the next thought about my blog. Since this little computer glitch, I've been away and thinking about whether the title is accurate or appropriate, or if there is something better. Which is your favorite?

a lucky life
the lucky ranch
lucky studio

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The Mom said...

Don't change it! Recycled + Revamped is so you. But those other ideas would make great sub categories --maybe?

We are working on our revamped clothes to wear all Bioneers weekend to show off our Recycled + Revamped inspiration ;)