Saturday, October 30, 2010

bioneers conference booth

This vintage suitcase was a great thrifting find. It's lined with a gorgeous aqua blue silk and it's in really nice shape. I filled it with lots of recycled goodies - headbands made from t-shirts, baby hats, mittens, birthday crowns and sleep masks from wool sweaters. I love old suitcases and now I love them even more, b/c they were so easy to open, set up and then close when the show was over!

For this show, I was inspired to make a new sign. I cut the letters from an old book and stuck them to a brown grocery sack. I thought I was covering it with clear contact paper, but it turned out to be heat-n-bond vinyl, so I had to iron the whole thing. I love how it turned out! Then I ordered more business cards from, so I'd have them for the next show at the Children's House show in November.

Here's Britany, wearing her new recycled belt!

Here are some of the people who came to learn to sew on buttons! Special thanks to my models, Kate and Nadia from the Books for Walls Project.
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Resweater said...

I LOVE the idea of using vintage suitcases to display! Do you mind if I borrow that idea?

victoria said...

That would be cool! It's such a good idea and I've borrowed it too!

farmgirlstudio said...

Loved the Bioneer's conference it was so much fun taking your class!!! Can't wait for the Christmas stocking class!