Wednesday, October 13, 2010

how to sew a button workshop at Great Lakes Bioneers Conference

Yes, it's true! I'll be teaching a workshop this Sunday about sewing buttons and revamping clothes. For those of you in the TC area, bring extra clothes for the swap, and a sweater or pants that need repair. The workshop is on Sunday, at 10ish and then another one around 2 or so. Check your official schedule when you arrive!

Here's a little reminder for those who might need it when sewing on buttons at home...

There's also a fun website and book with a title of the same name!


farmgirlstudio said...

I signed up for your workshop the other day. Can't wait to see you again! What would do you recommend that we bring with us?

victoria said...

oh goodie! I'm so excited.
I was thinking along the lines of a sweater with a hole or jeans, pants, skirt or a shirt that needs some simple patch type of repair.
All repairs will be done by hand. Heck, I'll even teach you to darn a sock if you don't already know!