Wednesday, February 10, 2010

birthday celebration #2

Wow, that year went fast! This year I found time to make Fyn a special birthday outfit. I love being way too much, it makes me so happy. The pants and cape are made from a dress from a friend that I got at a clothing swap. The sweater is made from 2 wool sweaters in my stash. The shirts, one is recycled from our old shirt bin and the other I did buy fabric. And then I made some thermal long johns, just to keep him warm.

We celebrated a few times, once with family, once with close friends, starting the tradition of the birthday pineapple, and once with buddies. The pineapple idea started when my friends didn't know what to give another friend as a gift. And then I started thinking about eating fresh pineapple in the middle of winter, and it was $4 for an organic one at the co-op, so into my cart it went. So much less expensive than a trip to the tropics, and easy to transport in my bag. A stub of a beeswax candle fit perfectly in the top and we all feasted on fresh fruit!

And we all wore birthday crowns made from recycled wool sweaters and jeans! Best part is they can be reused every year.


us4 said...

"blowing out the candle" shot, PRICELESS, I want to know what he was wishing for!

Resweater said...

I just cannot believe Fyn is TWO! He was just a little baby the other day! He, and his outfit, are adorable. I love the pineapple idea... I may have to borrow that!