Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Birchleaf Designs makes the coolest stuff for kids!

Handmade in Michigan by a family of four who love life. I can't think of a better way to describe this enterprise. The stuff : wooden spoons, swords and baby toys along with hand-dyed silks and all kinds of other things that my little guy loves to use for play, along with his imagination.

We have all of these and they are so nice! Instead of buying plastic things geared toward a small age range, we chose these b/c he will play with them for years! And they can be costumes, forts, scenery for stories, gnome play, etc.

Next, we want to learn to do some painting, so these are on our wish list... As far as I can figure, you mix a little bit of watercolor paint with water and give your kids the wide brush (flat 16 or 18). Watercolor paper can be attached to a wood board, to help keep it from moving. Paint can be stored in the jars until the next painting adventure.

Just think of all the crafty stuff we could put in here! Of course, right now, it would be filled with all kinds of wooden cars. School bus, delivery truck, racecar, sedan, tractor and maybe a few more would all be parked in this handy "garage". That's what Fyn's really excited about right now...

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