Friday, December 4, 2009

thoughts on waldorf ideas..

At first, I admit it was the little wooly gnomes, dolls, silk scarves and natural wood blocks that appealed to me. For a baby, or a child to interact with things that are natural, real and have integrity of their own is so important to T and me. After reading several books including The Spiritual Task of the Homemaker, The Incarnating Child, Beyond the Rainbow Bridge, Heaven on Earth, You are your Child's First Teacher, Seven Times the Sun and a couple of others, I'm learning so much more. Parenting in this style requires development of the human capacity. I heard that last night on a meditation to which I was listening. Now I'm changing the way I look at things.

It's so sweet to see Fyn caring for his baby yaya, kissing and snuggling her. One night, in a desperate attempt to get some sleep, after a wakeful hour and a half at 4am, I put one baby under each of his arms and asked him to get his babies to sleep. It worked!

Music is also a strong player in the waldorf educational program and I'm also learning to love myself and Fyn enough to sing. In my family, everyone winces when the candles on the birthday cake are lit and it's time to break out the song. We all dive in headfirst, singing really fast and sometimes clapping to drown out our own voices. Now I try to sing a couple times a day with Fyn, and he doesn't seem to care if I'm a little off sometimes. He still wants me to sing "wheels on the bus" again. and again. and again. All this practice makes me thing that my voice is growing and developing too. I'm so thankful for that!

Meditation is another area that is essential on a daily basis. For someone who can hardly sit still, I'm working hard to learn to do this as well. I spent 30 minutes last night stretched out with my feet up listening to a meditation. Ahh, relaxation. Why is it so hard to relax? All this is prompted by a program I found on a website which was sent to me with information for the lantern walk. They have an inner work program called "Be a Beacon" and so far, I love it! There was a great program last night, and there will be more, so I invite all my waldorf friends to join me!

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colleen said...

what an inspiring post. thank you for sharing.