Tuesday, December 1, 2009

old kids boot to slipper revamp with wool sweaters

These boots were in a bag of things from a friend. They are a little worn, especially on the bottom, so I decided to convert them into slippers.

Since there's a stash of wool sweater scraps in my closet, it seemed the perfect choice. By holding pieces up over the boots, and following roughly the lines, I duplicated the boot by stitching the sweater pieces together. For the bottoms, there was some "jiffy grip" in my fabric stash, just for this kind of project, I guess. By tracing the bottom of the boot, I was able to get just the right shape. After I sewed it onto the sweater pieces, the tops needed some finishing. The ribbed edges of the sweater seemed like a good choice, so I cut pieces long enough to go around the tops and folded them in half before serging them on. By stretching the ribbing a bit, I was able to get it it roll in over the top of the boots, once I slipped the whole cover over the top. Now I'm working out how to affix the whole outside to the boot on the inside so it won't be slippery. I might have to visit my shoemaker friend...


kristinskraze said...

you need to check out this blog if you don't already
have a great day Kristin

colleen said...

love these! what a great idea.