Wednesday, December 9, 2009

revamped cashmere and wool sweater

Finally, there was time in the day to make something for myself, something warm, creative, practical and luxurious. The sleeves weren't long enough, so I did some experimentation. The designs worked out well, but I think next time I would open up the sleeve and overlap the pieces, stitching with a straight stretch stitch so they would lie flatter.

Inspired by my friend, Rose, I took out my scissors and made it happen! For the ribbing, I just used pieces from the neck and bottom of other sweaters, folded it in half and serged it right on! When I make the next one, I'll make the pieces a little wider up by the shoulders, so I can wear a shirt underneath without it showing.

The front pieces overlap so there is nursing access!

For the waist, I used the bottom of a brown wool sweater, turned upside down!

A rough little square of olive green finishes it off. Now I'm off to playgroup, baby yoga, or wherever the day may take me. It's so warm and cozy!

Need some wool sweaters? Most of these came from my favorite sweater source, Kris at resweater. She has a shop on Artfire and a fun blog featuring all kinds of creative wool artists. Check it out, there's a sale going on for the holidays! My box just arrived and my sweater stash is restocked for holiday gift making!


Resweater said...

Thanks for the mention! I can't believe your box just arrived now... that took forever!

colleen said...

love this sweater! you look adorable in it. i have two sweaters i want to create my own nursing sweater out of. i'm bringing it with me on our sewing day for your expertise!

Victoria Velting said...

oh it's been here for a while, I just finally had time to fold them and put them nicely on the shelf... thought it wasn't too long ago in the scheme of my life as a mom!