Thursday, March 3, 2011

a fabulous new book about thrifting, recycling and sewing!

Once in a while you find a book or a person that is totally inspiring. That happened to me recently, when I discovered Jenny and Re-Sew, thanks to my crafty friend Kris over at Resweater who is hosting a giveaway for the book. Soulmates, I'm telling you! How incredible to know that rather than being odd, as I always imagined people thought, there are many more people who love the same things I do and they are all extraordinary! In honor of this realization and to help spread the word about this cool book, here's another giveaway, a tutorial this time. It's inspired by the concept of the book, and is for a sweet little zippered pouch. 

To enter, leave a comment here.
To enter again, become a follower (1st timers only on this round please).
For another entry, blog about it or share it on facebook.
For yet another entry, become a follower over at Jenny's blog,
And finally, if you buy the book and comment here, you get five entries!

Comments will be open until next Friday, March 11 and will be announced on Saturday!

Everyone who responded will get a copy of the tutorial for the "zippy" pouch!


farmgirlstudio said...

This book is awesome! I am going to have to order it...and makes me want to sew. Crossing my fingers for naptime!

Signed up for the wildcards blog...very inspiring stuff!

Our family said...

I am attempting to learn to sew and have some old jeans laying around...hmmm might have to give that little bag a shot!

Rachel M said...

I'd love to win this book, it would be a great help to me at the moment. I've got a big stack of old clothes to do something with, sitting on my craft desk at the moment. :)

Rachel M said...

And I'm now a new follower of your blog!

Rachel M said...

Aw thanks, I've just seen the comment at the end of this post, I nearly missed it. I can't wait to have a go with your tutorial, I'm going to try it with my old cords instead. :)

here's my email address

Once again Thank you! :)