Saturday, March 5, 2011

making toys out of all kinds of things...

"Meems, I need a trailer for my tractor."

Hmm. After thinking about it for a while I came up with this solution. A small wood crate from his little kitchen tied up with twill tape which was left over from something and hanging on the bulletin board. It works out great, b/c he can put all kinds of things into it and pull them all around. 

Since then, he has received a beautiful wood tractor with a trailer that swivels and everything, but he loves to play in his two tractor farm.  A pile of shredded paper from a gift is the "hay". I also made him some bales of hay out of felt, but we haven't tossed the paper shreds yet. Today might be the day, as it is all over the rug.

The shirt was revamped, with a big denim star cut from a old pair of jeans stitched over the "cutesy" motif on the front.Posted by Picasa


Baby By The Sea said...

Way to use what you've got. What a lucky babe to grow amidst such creativity. The playthings we make & those we use our imaginations for are the best, for sure.

Rachel M said...

Hi, I tried to use the link to your blog on your Flickr profile, but it wouldn't work properly, I thought you should know. I love the things you've been making as part of project restyle! :)