Friday, September 24, 2010

{this moment}

Imagine a little boy holding a thimble. He smiles as he leans in to pour tea from the thimble for his guest, a little green wood gnome. The gnome sits on a stump of wood by a table that is also made from a stump and a bit larger slab of wood cut from a tree branch. His dish is a seashell, which holds an acorn. Behind him is a small, dark cavern filled with his treasures of crystals and geodes.

Sometimes the moment is hidden a bit. Like when your power goes off, your stove goes on the fritz and your car won't go at all b/c the check engine light is flashing. And it's raining outside. Blogger jumped in on the momentum and has changed the photo upload system it seems, and my outdated technology has missed the boat. If you know how to circumvent the issue, I'd love some pointers.

So, I'll keep looking for things to share and ways to share what I'm doing.

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