Tuesday, July 13, 2010

dog days of summer

Aah, summer is here! We went to our favorite beach in elberta, which is dog-friendly! F brought his snacks in a drawstring bag made from vintage fabric. His sun hat used to be T's shirt. It was a Ben Sherman shirt that T bought in the first week we were dating. T's brother and friend went shopping with us and helped him pick out some new clothes, and he spend hours in the fitting room. Amazing. Good memories, in the past and in the making!

What are you doing this summer?

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The Mom (Amy) said...

Oooo, were you guys at Elberta? We LOVE Elberta Beach!

Unfortunately lately we are all nursing a nasty summer cold. Other than that we are:

Working in our flower gardens (all of us)
Eating loads and loads of berries (all of us)
Growing into Mom's shoes (Nadia)
Getting really good at catching critters -toads, frogs, salamanders, and crickets (Sonja)
Fantasizing about getting a boat (David)
Sold the camper, so it's tent camping this year (all of us)

It is a good summer!