Sunday, June 13, 2010

one-of-a-kind recycled clothing from Tatty Tess

Oh, the fun of etsy. While looking for a new summer dress, I found some great creative designs. This first one is my favorite, with it's patchwork skirt and sweet little flower. TattyTess has a lot of great recycled clothing as well as a couple of other shops! The ruffle trim on the dress below is so sweet.

Oh, maybe I should be dancing in this dress! The hemline is so fun and hot pink is my favorite color. A friend of mine has her answering machine message asking for your favorite color, and it seemed so right to share that! You can find this dress at brokenghostcouture. Same artist, different site with more inspired designs. She has another shop too, that is all shabby chic with doilies and such. One even has a sweet handkerchief hem with vintage hankies and bits of lace. Oh, and the prices are so realistic, it's amazing!

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