Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Armour sans Anguish recycled doily dress and more...

This is an ethereal, modern application of old, handmade doilies and lace. There are several versions of this custom dress in Armour sans Anguish's etsy shop. Here's the front:

The photos are great and even the shoes are fun! While perusing the shop, I discovered that Tawny Holt, the creative genius behind Armour sans Anguish, was featured in the gallery of Sweater Surgery, a great little book that keeps coming up into this realm. It's worth checking out. The cashmere tank is sublime and now I am dreaming of a tutorial, so I can make one of my own in hot pink (of course) cashmere. Thanks to Kris at Resweater for turning me on to the book, and my local library for procuring it for me to borrow!

Here's another sweet combination of recycled goods on this little tank called snowblink:

I think it's the sequins that give it just the right bit of WOW and make it seem new and modern. And the names, how fun!

Now for some olive green cargo pocket shorts and my newly thrifted robin's egg blue Born wedges, I could be dressed for a sweet lunch date in the city on a hot summer day. If only the city wasn't so darn far away... So for now I'll dream of a trip to Tawny's studio out west and a week-long crafty camp of sewing recycled clothing! Anyone else want to go to such a camp?


The Mom said...

ooh, ooh, (raising my hand and waving it wildly)we'll host sewing camp... we have three sewing machines and a serger in the works for my b-day! AND you won't even recognize the sewing room, I dare say we can almost call it a studio!!

The girls will get right on these inspired dresses! Thanks Victoria for finding such treasures, you certainly have an eye!

victoria said...

that sounds awesome! I look forward to seeing it!