Friday, January 8, 2010

christmas decorations - handprint wreath and sentimental ornaments

My sister put this together and I love it's sentimental simplicity. It looks like the handprint is laminated, maybe using clear contact paper? My niece made it at preschool a few years ago. The wreath is not too big, but it looks larger in this photo.

When I was cleaning up one day, I found some old dog tags and decided to include them in our holiday decorations. All I did was add ribbon. It worked great for old keys too.

The zig zag garland is from my grandma. It's made of gum wrappers folded together and spray painted. I wish I knew how it was made so I could make more.

This is one of my favorite ornaments. It's made from scrap vinyl, sewn together with watercolor paper at the top. Eyelets hold it together and make great openings for the wire. Inside is a picture of T and me at the beach along with a few rocks from that day.

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