Thursday, January 7, 2010

christmas decorating - recycled wool stockings

creative christmas adventures, chapter 2

The gifts were starting to pile up, and there were no stockings yet! So, the week before Christmas, I had one nap time left for crafting. I dashed into my studio and pulled out the pattern which I had seen at a friend's house when she was making her fabulous recycled wool stockings - she was kind enough to share.

It was hard to decide what to put in Fyn's stocking, but it seemed to come together at the last minute as Tommy (aka Santa) showed up a bit earlier than usual with some great recycled and handmade toys, procured locally, of course. The felted fruits, veggies and eggs were inspired by my friends, and a day of needlefelting earlier in the month. The fabric gifts bags were a big hit. I loved them because they are made of gorgeous recycled fabrics, and no tissue paper is needed. T loved how it was fast to wrap with them. Instead of gift tags, I wrote names on a second piece of grosgrain ribbon, that part was easy too. Our families loved them, and kept them for future reuse. I'm making more for next year!

While I thought the brown tree stocking was going to be mine, T loved it so much he wanted it. It reminds him of his favorite tree at the river. So, I'm the star here!

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