Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meet my serger aka overlock machine

What is a serger? What is an overlock machine? Meet my serger. It's a faithful machine, of which I am very fond.

What does it do?
Think of it as a special sewing machine. It has needles, just like a sewing machine. But it also wraps and cuts the seam, with a few more threads and a blade.

Why is it so great?
It's fast! It also finishes the edge of the fabric, so instead of two pieces of fabric with a stitch line, it's right on the edge. And it looks cool, so you can use it on the outside, even make it part of your design. Some machines can do a rolled hem too.

For things like pants, you can serge the raw edge of the fabric, fold it over once and stitch it down. That's one less layer of fabric inside your waistband, so it's more comfortable and less bulky (what a funny word...).

What if I don't have one?
Good question. That all depends on what you want to do. Making a simple pair of drawstring or elastic waist pants? it's a piece of cake, just a few simple modifications.


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I am so jealous. And a Bernina at that! Very nice machine you have there.

vvbug said...

best gift I have ever received!