Saturday, April 20, 2013

Recycled clothing and basic sewing classes at Blackbird Arts in May!

Last night I went to a concert featuring Darlene and May Erlewine, both with Earthwork Music.  Both of these women inspire me with the energy they share through music and make me laugh with a hilarious encore performance of DarlenYa's song "Chicken with a Red Dress on". Sitting next to me were good friends, Todd and Elizabeth celebrating a birthday and dancing a beautiful waltz together. Love.
When she wasn't dancing, Elizabeth shared how she has been sewing lately. She is inspired to revamp her clothes and has made a few new things from what she had on hand.
And this in a nutshell is why I sew, teach and blog.

Be your own Fashion Designer!
Friday, May 17, 6:00-8:00pm
Adults and adults with children 8+
Bring the clothes that no longer work for you, or thrifted items that you want to transform into something simple for spring. Learn basic handstitching techniques to mend holes in basic and creative ways. Brainstorm about the many ways to convert existing clothing to make it fit better or just make it your own. Learn how to add small pieces of new fabrics (like fat quarters or just a 1/4 yard) to revitalize what you have already. Implement your design with needle and thread or bring your own sewing machine (as long as you know how to thread, wind and replace bobbin! remember your foot pedal.). 
Prepare to be inspired. You will go home after this class and look at your closet in a whole new way.
Needles, thread, pins and other small notions provided for your use.
Supplies needed:
Clothing to recycle
Any new fabrics you might want to add
Sewing scissors
All levels welcome. If you are a beginner, please join us for the class on Sunday to put your ideas into action with your machine.
Cost: $20 adults, $30 adult with one child 8+

Note: If you have sewing experience and are comfortable threading, winding and replacing bobbin and troubleshooting tension issues, you are welcome to bring your machine along. Remember your foot pedal and an extension cord, please.

Sewing 101:BYOM (Bring your own machine!)
Sunday, May 19, 1:00-4:00pm
Adults and adults with children 10+
Brush off the dust on your sewing machine and learn to use it! This class includes threading, bobbin winding and insertion and troubleshooting tension.  We will practice these techniques as well as straight and curved stitching while mastering the use of the foot pedal. You will then make a small drawstring bag that you can show off to all your crafty friends!
Supplies needed:
Sewing machine
Sewing machine manual if possible
Old clothing or fabric to practice stitching
1/4 - 1/2" yard of woven cotton fabric or a large buttondown type shirt
Sewing machines needles
Extra bobbins
Sewing scissors

All levels welcome.
Cost: $35 adults

*Already know how to use your machine but want to come sew anyway, and maybe help your neighbor?
Please join us, and bring your revamped clothing projects.

Join us here at Blackbird Arts to sign up for classes.

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