Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Featured today on Miriam Pico's Picnic at the Opera

Today, Tuesday at noon I will be telling my story to all of Traverse City at Miriam Pico's Picnic at the Opera. It's a lunchtime variety show, taped live so you can check it out at upnorthmedia.org. For those in TC, bring a sack lunch and enjoy the Old Town Players. They will pass a basket for donations to benefit the Old Town Playhouse and have a short interview with yours truly, complete with props and models. Cpme early to the Opera House in Traverse City to get a seat, they have been turning people away because it's so popular!

I'm so honored to be held in such esteemed company with other local artists, including Blake Elliot, Elizabeth Minor, Miriam Pico, Charles Murphy, Glenn Wolff, Kim Bazemore and Mimi Wheeler! Special thanks to Bronwyn Jones for connecting me to you this amazing group, Amylynn for her amazing friendship and Greg Holmes for the title of Visonary!

This will also be a great bonus as I continue to develop my sewing initiative, supporting local community with sewing instruction, workshops, machines and community sewing studios. Get the latest information on the recycled+revamped facebook page and like for a chance to win a free fairy doll.

You can find my work at 27 Stitches, Kinlochen at Crystal Mountain and www.victoriavelting.etsy.com where you will receive a free gift with all orders placed this month!

Please contact me if you would like to make a donation to the sewing initiative.

As Ben Harper sings, "I can change the world, with my own two hands."
Support local artists creating change and community!

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