Tuesday, May 8, 2012

revamped vest rescue

It's so sweet when your handiwork returns to you. This vest was sold locally at an art show a few years ago. This also happened to be the show where I met my very dear sewing sister, Amylynn over at Farm Girl Studio.

Then, a few months ago, another sewing friend handed it to me after we reconnected at another thrift shop (note the theme). Her name is Deb and her recycling enterprise is called Pretty Stinkin' Green. She had found it at a thrift shop in the their boutique section, recognized it as my work and bought it to give back to me. Thank you Deb, you are so thoughtful!

Best part of the story? It fits my little guy right now for a cool Michigan spring, just as he was outgrowing his little orange vest. So we passed that one on to another buddy, paying it forward!


Amylynn at Little Farm said...

so funny how it worked out! Jack has been so exited about his vest but especially being pen friends with Fyn. He carried his letter around for at least a week. Showing anyone that would listen about his friend Fyn, and showed them the picture of the Beatles!

Deb said...

How sweet! I just now found this post. I love seeing the awesome vest on your little man. Hugs.